Essential Oils

Hi there!  I am so glad you popped over to this page! 

Want to know why I am glad? 

Because this means you are serious about making a change to a more natural lifestyle, or you are ready to be certain the oils you are using are indeed Pure unadulterated therapeutic grade oils.  Either way, welcome! 


When it comes to essential oils I have found people have a wide variety of reasons they are ready to start using Doterra 

  • You may have been on a health journey for awhile as I was, and you know it’s time to add essential oils because you need something that is efficient and easy.


  • You may have tried oils from the local market and have not had success, and you want pure essential oils that have the potency actually to work.


  • You may have purchased a kit or oils from a company but have never figured out what to do with those oils.  You have the desire but lack the understanding.  (If your oils were from a doterra wellness advocate, reach out to that person and find out how to get educated). 


  • Or you could just be fed up with everything in, on, and around your home being toxic, and you are ready to purchase products that make living natural and toxic free easy and affordable….ahem!

Whatever your reason may be, I am just so grateful you have decided to learn more.  As a certified aromatherapist, It is my passion to educate people on natural solutions using essential oils.  They work.  There are proof and research to back up their effectiveness, and they will change and empower you! 

What are Essential Oils?

An essential oil is the secondary metabolic by-product of a plant.  They are aromatic compounds found in tiny glands, hairs, veins, or sacs and their role is defense against animals, healing of plant organs, protection from insects, resistance to damaging threats, and attraction of pollinators.
Within each plant’s oil is a complex makeup of 200-800 chemical constituents.  This diverse makeup is what makes essential oils so powerful!  For example, one drop of pure peppermint essential oil is equal to approximately 28 cups of peppermint tea!  That is a serious therapeutic punch! 

How do Essential Oils Work?

Essential oils work with the body to address issues and root causes on a cellular level.  Those 200-800 constituents I mentioned above provide a complex and versatile ability to combat threats without building up a resistance.  They can work on a cellular level because of their tiny molecular structure. Essential oils have the capacity to penetrate cells.

How do you Use Essential Oils?

There are 3 ways to use essential oils.  Aromatically, topically, and internally.


Aromatic is the process of inhaling essential oils to get them into the blood stream and to affect mood and emotions by stimulating the limbic system of the brain.  This is the most effective method for using essential oils!  You can simply add a drop to the palm of the hand and then cup the hands over the nose and breath deeply.  This exercise will move those tiny molecules into the lungs and then the blood stream.  It also has an effect on the limbic system which is the seat of emotions.  We have over 100 sensors in our sense of smell, and these sensors have a powerful connection to the brain.  We know, what you think affects how you feel.  Essential oils can be a very powerful tool for altering how we feel and getting our emotions “unstuck.”
A good example of this, I was on a field trip with a friend’s 2-year-old.  The baby had been sick and was just not feeling up for a busy day.  She was in total two-year-old meltdown mode.  A drop of Peace essential oil blend on the palm of my hand and cupped near her nose took her from hysterics to calm within seconds.  When the hysterics started again, I repeated the inhalation activity.  After a few times of doing this, she was completely calm the rest of the day.  She even began to ask for more when she was starting to fell frustrated.  This empowered all of us in the situation and what could have been a very stressful day became one of peace.
You can also diffuse essential oils into the air.  This reduces the threats in the environment so the body doesn’t have to fight as hard.  Why burn a toxic candle when you can fill your home with beautiful aromas that actually help with immunity?


Topical use is the use of essential oils on the skin.  Inside the mouth is also considered topical.  Internal use is when you ingest oils through the digestive tract. Oils can be used topically on the location of concern, for example, bug bites and tummy troubles, or it can be used on the bottom of the feet for effective absorption.  The pores on the bottom of the feet are larger and allow for quick absorption of oils into the blood stream to be used throughout the body.   


Internal use of essential oils is the use of oils in a capsule that are ingested and go through the digestive tract.  These need to be diluted, and you must only use pure essential oils that you are confident are nontoxic when taken internally. 

Why Doterra Essential Oils?

This is the most significant portion to read:

As I mentioned earlier, one drop of peppermint essential oil is equivalent to 28 cups of peppermint tea.  Fantastic for therapeutic benefits but what if that oil was grown using herbicides and pesticides or was a GMO plant?  Or what if it was adulterated with who knows what?  That is a massive dose of toxins to be placing in your body! 
To be labeled pure essential oil, a company only has to have 5% actual essential oil in the bottle!  Yikes!  What is the rest of the substance in the bottle then?
Doterra goes beyond the industry standards to ensure every bottle of essential oil is 100% pure and unadulterated.  They are even offering an app that will be out late 2016 that allows you to see the testing and results performed on each bottle of oil you own! 
Don’t just take my word for it.  Read up on Testing for quality!

Another reason that I fell in love with Doterra is how they source their oils.  Not only do they go through rigorous testing practices but they also make sure they are making an impact on the lives of the farmers who grow the plants.  They use what is called co-impact sourcing to set up a structure that ensures the highest quality essential oils while also helping to serve the families who are growing the plants.  A good example of this is in Haiti.  Vetiver comes from Haiti and is grown in bedrock soil.  The soil is a scarce commodity in Haiti, and its preservation is crucial.  Haitians are paid by the pound however for Vetiver so when they harvest the roots they leave any soil on the root intact.  This method of harvesting removes much-needed soil from the region.  They are also harvesting Vetiver at 12 months in order to get paid, so they could care for their families, instead of the 18-24 months which is the optimal time for therapeutic grade vetiver.  Doterra works with 748 Vetiver farming families in Haiti and pays them money in advance so they can care for their family and harvest the roots at the optimal time.  They also pay them for quality, not weight so the roots can be harvested using practices that will preserve the soil. Doterra follows this same practice of co-impact sourcing for all of their essentials oils and source from 43 different countries.

You can also read up more on co-impact sourcing why I chose Doterra here

So what is the best way to get Essential Oils into your home for the best value?

Dotera is like Costco.  You can purchase retail pricing, or you can buy a wholesale membership and save 25%.  The wholesale membership cost is renewed yearly for $25 and comes with a free peppermint essential oil. 
With a wholesale membership, you receive 25% off retail pricing, and you earn product points back on each order that can be used anytime you prefer.  The rewards start at 10% of each purchase product value amount and increase up to 30% over time based on how consistently you order.  That means you can ultimately be receiving 55% off!  Your 25% discount plus 30% in reward points.  Doterra has not only pure essential oils but also has pure and toxic free cleaning products, skin care products, soaps, vitamins, toothpaste……and so much more so you can save on all the items you are already using in your home but be purchasing products that build immunity instead of breaking it down.  AMEN!
When you first join, the best value is to purchase a kit.  When you buy a kit, the $35 wholesale fee is waved, and you receive heavy discounts on your products.  Each kit is designed to have everything you need to easily transition to a natural solutions lifestyle.  I also do 2 consultations over the phone to help you!  That is the most important reason for joining with Sew Grown.  Education is key when first learning how to use essential oils!

As a certified Aromatherapist, it is my passion to make sure you are equipped to use your oils!

Here are the best kit option to help you start your journey.  I also mail out a book to answer all your questions and to give you a reference to you can use your oils specifically to address concerns.  This book is an amazing book to help you start your journey! $30 value






Everything you need to get started with essential oils.  The ten most beneficial oils that will help you address almost every concern  These are the backbone oils for your journey to the power of nature!  Plus a diffuser so you can ditch the toxic candles and start building immunity.

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This kit is a great kit for moms and dads with littles.  All of the oils are diluted with fractioned coconut oil and are in a roll on bottle for safe and easy use with children.  You also get the vitamins and probiotic for the children and vitamins to give you that energy boost I know you need!  Savings: $99.00  Family Wellness Enrollment Kit


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If you are ready for a serious change or have a grave situation in your home that requires dramatic change, this is the kit to buy.  This kit is the best value of all the kits and has everything!  Your home will be toxic free overnight, and you will have every tool available to rebuild immunity and impact cells at a cellular level. 

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